Room Reservation

Please use this form to reserve a room(s) at Wye Bible Church.
  • Please read before submitting a Room Reservation Request

    Requests should be received at least 2 weeks before the date of the event. It is YOUR responsibility to leave the facility in the exact condition in which you found it. This includes: 1. Rooms used are cleaned and returned to original set up. If the Sanctuary is used on a Friday or Saturday, YOU are responsible for setting up the chairs for the Sunday Worship Service. 2. All trash is emptied and trash bags replaced. 3. Bathrooms are cleaned. 4. Lights, heating and air conditioning are returned to normal settings. 5. All doors and windows are secured and alarm is set. 6. If used, the Playground is cleaned up (including trash) and toys are put away.
    Please choose all the rooms you wish to use during your event.
  • Please provide us with at least 2 possible dates for your event.
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    Please let us know which resources you need.